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Day 1 

 June 6th, Scandinavian Ballroom, 8 am

Topic Speaker Moderator
    Christian Bisanga
Program Chairman Address Asim Shahmalak  
Presidents Note Christian Bisanaga  
Scientific Director Address John Cole  
Plenary Session with Keynote Lectures 1   John Cole
Super Giga Sessions up to 14,000 Scalp Grafts Tsvetalin Zarev  

Lastest Book on FUE from a European's Perspective,

The Birthplace of Modern FUE

Reza Azar  
The History of FUE Bill Rassman  
Medical Therapy   Michel May
New Medical Treatment for AGA Prof. Vano-Galvan  
Diet and Micronutrients Mariana Alves  
Topical Finasteride Edwin Epstein  
Free Papers   Emorane Lupanzula
FUT: Is It Really Necessary: Lessons Learned Muhammad Ahmad  
FUE on Post Burn Alopecia to Face and Scalp Mughese Amin  
How to Cover More Area with Fewer Grafts Arika Bansal  
Best Techniques for Developing Skills in FUE Gorana Kuka-Epstein  
Balance Between Donor area and Recipient Area Carlos Calixto  
Top 10 Mistakes I've Made Alan Bauman  
Advanced Hair Loss Mangement Pradeep Sethi  
Calvarial Hemangioma: A Case Report Vinay Chouksey  
Causes of hair loss in Men and Women Flavia Barsali  
Psychology of Hair Loss Joe Tillman  
Coffee Break    
Donor Harvesting   Jeff Epstein
Punch options Sanusi Umar  
Depth Control and why Paul Rose  
Value of Adipose Angelo Trivisonno  
Punch size and comparison options Phillipe Ginouves  
Manual harvesting Chris Bisanga  
Mechanical Harvesting Humayun Mohmand  
Beard Extraction the Ozgur Method Ozgur Oztan  
Long Hair FUE Otavio Boaventura  
No Shave FUE John Cole  
Body Hair Transplants and Specialty cases   Reza Azar
Overview Arvind Poswal  
Beard hair harvesting Robert True  
Beard Hair Harvesting with Bifurcated punch Ozgur Oztan  
Nerve blocks Tulin Esmer  
Beard hair transplantation Brad Wolf  
Eyebrows, Eyelashes, and other Body Areas Jeff Epstein  
Craniotomy Scars Parsa Mohebi  
Hair Transplants In Asians Michael Kim  
Permanent SMP Dawn Forshaw  
Immpermanent Trichopigmentation Milena Lardi  
Transgender Surgery MTF, FTM Jeff Epstein  

Combining Follicular Unit Extraction and Scalp
Micropigmentation for the Cosmetic Treatment of Alopecias

Bill Rassman  
Pubic Hair Enhancement Jeff Epstein  
Coffee Break    
Regenerative Medicine   Georgios Zontos
Follicle Stem Cells Pietro Gentile  
Stromal Vascular Frackiion for Hair Los Gorana Kuka-Epstein  
Adipose Stem Cells using Mechanical Filtration Angelo Trivisono  
Activation of Adipose Stem Cells with HD PRP Ryan Welter  
PRP Myth or Reality Robert Niedbalski  
Different PRP Systems, a Comparison Paul Rose  
Platelet Lysate Chiara Insalaco  
Amniotic Membrane and Acell Jerry Cooley  
Influence of Growth Factor Concentration on Dermal Papilla John Cole  
Repair Surgery   Harald Eberson
Elevating the hairline with FUE harvesting Patrick Mwamba  
Removing Mini-grafts with an 18 gauge scalpel John Cole  
Changing Hairline Shape Christian Bisanga  
SMP to FUE extraction site White Dots Jae Pak  
Addition of Body Hair Sanusi Umar  
Treating strip scars with grafts and SMP Jae Pak  
Complications in FUE Arika Bansil  

Breakout Sessions (Extra Fees applicable)
June 6th, Denmark room 

Breakout Session 1 -  9:30 am    
  Speaker Moderator
Donor Harvesting Devices   Otavio Boaventura
Lead M Device Micheal Kim  
Artas Ken Anderson  
FUE: New A-design: comparison of different punches Muhammad Ahmad  
Trevillii Harvesting Device and Punches Parsa Mohebi  
PCID and Punches John Cole  
WAW Device and Punches Ron Shapiro  
Vortex Chiara Insalaco  
U Graft and Punches Sanusi Umar  
Harris Safe System and Punches Scott Boden  
Breakout Session 2 - 3:00 pm    
Implanters   Carlos Calixto
Implanter Options    
OKT Implanter Kun Oc  
Dull Implanters Mauro Speranzini  
SAVA Vasa Implanter the Origin of the KEEP Arika Bansil  
Parsa Implanter Parsa Mohebi  
Stick and Place Ozgur Oztan  
Eyebrow Transplantation Reza Azar  


Day 2

June 7th, Scandinavian Ballroom, 8 am

Topic Speaker Moderator
    Asim Shahmalak
Plenary Session: Keynote Lecture 2    
Assessment and Medical Management of Cicatriial Alopecia Matt Harries  
Donor Area   Carlos Calixto
Donor area Assesment John Cole  
Hair Check Chiara Insalaco  
Coverage Value Maria Angelica Muricy  
Coverage Value Vs Hair Mass John Cole  
The Safe and Safer Donor Area Patrick Mwamba  
Calculating Follicular Unit Availablity and Harvest Percentage Kimberly Wallace  
Donor Area Harvesting Strategies Emorane Lupanzula  
Avoiding over Harvesting Sanusi Umar  
Donor Area Anesthesia Scott Boden  
Sedation and Nitrous Oxide Ryan Welter  
Harvesting Outside the "Safer" Donor Area Ezequiel Panno  
Reaching your Projected Graft Estimate Georgios Zontos  
Maximal Harvesting Based on Hair and Density Qualities Glenn Charles  
NPRT System to assist in surgical management Muhammad Ahmad  
Graft and Hair Yields in a Side by Side Comparison of FUE and FUT David Joesephitis  
Quality Control of Donor Harvesting    
Recipient Area   Bill Rassman
Surface Area Calculation Asim Shahmalak  
Hair Line Design Ron Shapiro  
Hairline Design in Females Pradeep Sethi  
Temple points Ron Shapiro  
Body Hair for the Hairline Sanusi Umar  
Poor Hair Line Designs Sever Muresanu  
Matching Grafts to a location on the scalp Emorane Lupanzula  

Matching Follicle Diameter and Donor Source

to the Recipient Area Including Body Hair

Lars Heitmann  
Hair Line Advancement and Forehead Reduction Jeff Epstein  
Recipient Area Incision Site Options Harald Eberson  
Recipient Area Anesthesia Brad Wolf  
Quality Control in the Recipient Area Paul Rose  
Underestimating the value of LLLT Reza Azar  
Debate: Single Hair Vs. Multiple Hair Eyebrow Grafts Jeff Epstein,  
Graft Care and Implantation of Grafts   Ozgur Oztan
Storage Solutions and Temperature Paul Rose  
Forceps Implantation Christian Bisanga  

Use of Dull Implanters in Pre-made Sites for
Speed and Efficiency

Mauro Speranzinni  
Follicle and Graft transection rates Harald Eberson  
Graft Tabulator Software Nikolas Cole  
OKT implanter Kun Oc  
Performing a Hair Transplant Alone Lars Heitmann  
Graft Quality Index Robert True  
Matching Graft Size to Implanter Size Otavio Boaventura  
Determining follicle length and why Asim Shahmalak  
Caring for Grafts and Training Your Team Christian Bisanga  
Graft Shower to Clean Grafts John Cole  
Quality Control Mark Destefano  
Debate: Grafting Vs. Hairline Advancement Chris Bisanga, Jeff Epstein  
Total Time Third Track    
Consumer Advocacy and Celebrity Patients   John Cole, Alan Bauman

Debate: Can Plastic Surgeons Perform Hair Transplant
Surgery Properly?

Jeff Epstein, Chiara Insalaco  
The Voice of Hair Transplant Surgery Spencer Kobren  
Being Relevant Today Spencer Stevenson  
The Hair Transplant Mentor Joe Tillman  
My Botched Hair Transplant Kyle Christie  
  Patient 2  
  Patient 3  

Day 3

June 8th, Main Hall (Scandinavian Room), 7 am

Craig Ziering, Bob True  

Building Blocks 

Donor Evaluation Chiara Insalaco
Diffuse Alopecia Theresa Myer
Dermoscopy and Assessment of Hair Loss Prof. Serrano-Falcon
Hair Transplant in Those of Color Alba Sagiv
The Consultation  Antonio Alcaide
The "Safer" Donor Area Carlos Calixto
Workup of Female Hair Loss Gorana Kuka-Epstein
Recipient Area Evaluation and Measurement Ozgur Oztan
Surgical Planning for present and future hair loss Anastasios Vekris
Managing the Young Patient Ramiro Yane Mana
Anatomy of the Scalp and Beard Tulin Esmer
Hair Follicle Anatomy and Biology Harald Eberson
Risk Factors in Hair Transplantation Ezequiel Panno
The Difficult Hair Transplant Patient Elif Kuzgun
 FUE on post-burn alopecia on face and scalp Mughese Amin
Post-operative Care and Follow-up Laura Calcedo Albarello
Ethics Bill Rassman
Lunch 12:00-1300  
Panel Discussions Moderator
Hair Transplant Disasters Sever Muresanu
Appropriate Hairline Location Chris Bisanga
Topical Finasteride Ed Epstein, Chiara Insalaco, Bola
Turnkey Medical Practices Spencer Kobren
Predicting Donor Capacity Chiara Insalaco
Interesting Cases  Bejan Feriduni
Managing overharvested Donor Areas Harald Eberson
Quality Control Measures Patrick Mwamba


Surgery Center      

Live Broadcast from the Surgery Suite to the Scandinavian Room

Surgery Room 1   Surgery Room 1  
7:00:-12:00 Surgeons 13:00-16:00  Surgeons

Manual and Mechanical

Cole and Mwamba


Alan Bauman

Harvest with PCID and Zero-T John Cole    
Harvest manual Patrick Mwamba    
Implantation Technician/Surgeon    
Forceps Shahmalak Team    
Implanters Kun Oc/Mauro Speranzini    
OKT Kun Oc    
OKT and Rainbow Dull Mauro Speranzini    
Surgery Room 2      
08:00-12:00   13:00-16:00  
8:00 AM      
Surgery 1 Surgeon    
Harvest With WAW David Joesephitis Stromal Vascular Fraction, PRP, Microparticles, and Follicle Stem Cells Angelo Trivisonno, Pietro Gentile, Ryan Welter, Filippo Calcagni, Herbert Lamblet
Eyebrow Surgery Jeff Epstein    
Surgery Room 3      
9:00 AM      
Surgery 2 Surgeon    
Long Hair FUE Mohebi and Otavio    
Harvest with Trevillini Parsa Mohebi    
Harvest with PCID and Otavio Boaventura    
Otavio Punch      
Implantation Surgeons    
Implanters Otavio Boaventura    
SAVA Vasa Implanter Arika Bansil